Play at Online Keno Casinos in Canada

If anyone wants to try a casino game a little different from the usual table game, without having to learn lots of rules, then keno is the game for you!

Keno is actually one of the oldest known lottery games. It dates back some 2000 years, originating in China, and was brought to the United States by the Chinese labourers who arrived in the 1800s. It is a lot like all lottery games played all over the world, and is a bit like a roller coaster ride. The excitement builds after you have placed the numbers you want and the winning numbers are drawn. Then if you don’t win, you go through it all again! There is always the chance that this time the dream will come true, and you will be one who wins the huge jackpot.

Another benefit of keno is that it does not require you to put down a lot of money in order to win. It is a great way to make your money last a bit longer, while still enjoying the fun of keno games.

Best Keno Online Sites in Canada

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In keno you choose twenty numbers out of the eighty numbers available. Only twenty numbers will come up in the draw, but you can play your choice of numbers in many different ways, for many more chances to win. Your payout depends on how many numbers you select and how many you predicted correctly. Payouts also depend on the version of the keno games your keno online casino site provides, so check the payouts offered in the game you want to play.

In Canada, online keno is a game growing in popularity. Real money keno has always had its loyal players, and the Internet has introduced even more players to this exciting game. Most online casinos in Canada feature Keno, with all the advantages and convenience of mobile devices also able to be used.

At we can assist any players who may be unsure of which of the keno online casino sites will be best for playing keno online. Our recommendations will always provide reputable and secure sites, and those offering all the great casino bonuses and features players are entitled to. Some keno games in Canada even offer players keno bonus selections, or toss in a couple of extra keno balls, which will increase the opportunities for the player to win!

How to Play and Enjoy Online Keno

It is not complicated to learn how to play keno online. In the world of Canadian online casino wagering, keno is a simple game with one of the biggest luck elements. You mark the numbers you want, from 1 to 15 spots. You can have a four spot ticket, or an eight spot ticket. If your numbers are among the 20 drawn you have a winner. You can mark your ticket with two or more groups of numbers, and this is a way ticket.

A split ticket is one that has two or more groups of numbers separated from each other in some way. A combination ticket is one that combines unequal groups of numbers to form various combinations.

Unlike bingo, where numbers are drawn until there is a winner, in the game of keno, when twenty numbers have been drawn that game is over, irrespective of whether there has been a winner or not.

In Canada, however, some keno online casino sites will even give you a payout if you match exactly 0 numbers out of the twenty!